Malopara Attack on #Hindus: Confession by one arrested suspect

The man arrested for the involvement on attack at Malopara of Chanpatola village of Abhoynogor upazilla of Jessore district. Mohammad Ali who is also included in the general diary of this case, delivered a confessing statement at the Senior Judge court of Judge Shumi Ahmed on Monday.

The investigating officer, the Inspector (investigation) of Abhoynogor, Mr. Mohshin Ali informed BD News that Mohammad Ali is one of those included in general diary of this case. He is the son of Keramat Ali of Baliadanga from Abhoynogor of Prembag Union.
He (investigating officer) also mentioned that according to Mohammad’s confession, all the involved in this incident were activists of either Jamat Shibir or BNP.

Md. Ali in his statement said that on 5 January two youths from Malopara engaged in arguments with activists of BNP-Jamat.

After that, Jamat activists Mahfuz, Mabood and Saiful of Baliadanga village went to and organized BNP-Jamat activists from to Bahirghat, Chapatola, Magura and Prembag village and headed to the market.

They declared that they are going to Malopara for settling the argument that took place that morning.
Mohammad Ali informed the court that they ransacked that houses and set those on fire when they did not find anyone there.

Investigating officer, Mr. Mohshin Ali, also informed that they had made 45 arrests so far in relation to this incident.
More than hundred people took part in the attack and looting at Malopara for going to vote on the 10th parliamentary election of 5 January. Later, they set fire to the houses.

The sub-inspector(SI) of Abhoynogor, Mohshin Howladar, filed a case that night for this incident. In this case, 39 out of 150 accused in connection with the attack were named.

Original news:
Translated by: Asif

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